The journal of the Association was first published in 1967 and is a respected platform for articles that reflect the local history of Northumberland and the interests of the Association's membership.It is published annually at £4.50 per copy, but free to 'Individual' paid up members. Extra copies are distributed to affiliated societies for sale to their own members.

**  We are always interested to hear of research interests of societies and individual members with a view to inclusion of articles in 'Tyne and Tweed'.  Should you wish to discuss ideas for articles, please contact: The Editor, A.N.L.H.S.,c/o 11 Beverley Terrace, Cullercoats, North Shields.  NE30 4NT.

Contents of 'Tyne and Tweed' Vol. 67, Autumn, 2013

* Constance Mary Fraser - An Appreciation.    Elizabeth Ashton, Michael Barke & Jane Karthaus, p.3.

* Gardeners' Fraternities in the North East of England and the Origins of Free Gardeners.  Mary Maddison, p 7.

* Quite a Quivering of Quills!  - A Tale in Two Parts.  Howard Cleeve, p. 12.

* An Elegant Gentleman - the Reverend Constantine O'Donnel, B.A., 1819-1890. Ann Dawson, p. 17.

* The  Tyneside Geographical Society, 1887-1944 - Its Rise and Decline.  Michael Barke, Marilyn Champion, Tony Champion, p. 19.

* A Capital Trip - Newton on the Moor in Edwardian Times.  Colin Lunt, p. 26.

* Girl Boy Scouts.  Margaret Kennington (nee Cowe), p. 31.

* Historic Corbridge - A Chronological Walk through England's History.  David Waugh, p. 34.

* Book Reviews (listed in Index below) p 40.

* Call the (Northumbrian) Midwife.  Ruth Sear, p. 45.

* Attila 2 - Civil Defence in WWII Northumberland.  Eleanor George, p. 53.

* Wooler Youth Hostel: Its Previous Life.  Rosemary Bell, p. 61.

* Conference of the Royal Archaeological Institute at Newcastle, 2012.  Constance Fraser, p. 67.

* A.N.L.H.S. Website.


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