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Thomas SpenceThe final event in our 2014 calendar is our AGM which will take place on Saturday 8th November at the Newbiggin Maritime Centre, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. At 1.15pm Dr Keith Armstrong will be speaking on ‘Thomas Spence (1750-1814); The Poor Man’s Revolutionary’. The business will follow the lecture. For further details click on ‘Events’ at the top of the page.

The first meeting in the spring will be our annual Members Meeting on 28th February. A discussion session on topics of interest or concern to member societies and individual members will follow the speaker. We would  like you to suggest potential topics for this discussion session. Please send your ideas to mail@anlhs.org.uk by 31 October so details can be included in the next mailing.

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Scan_Pic0003The latest edition of our annual journal Tyne & Tweed, Volume 68 is now available price £5. Click on ‘Tyne & Tweed Journal’ at the top of the page to find a list of its contents and how to order.

SPEAKERS LIST – Help please!

ANLHS issues a ‘List of Speakers’ to all Member Societies/Groups. It is to be updated ready for issue in 2015. In the past Societies have advised the names and addresses of new speakers and the information has been used to increase the number of speakers available for other Societies.

If you know of any speakers who may not be currently included on the list please let us know their name and address so that we can contact them direct to see if they would be willing to have their details included for future reference.

Please send the information to: M Thompson, 21 Melrose Avenue, Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, NE25 0JR or email: mikeevelyn@o2.co.uk .

King of the north

The autumn has been busy so far:

There was a good attendance at the first ‘Dr Constance Fraser Memorial Lecture’ on Saturday 20th September when Max Adams spoke on ‘King Oswald’s Northumbria’. Max is a locally based archaeologist and writer who is seeking to re-establish Oswald’s place in our country’s history. Max is also the author of The King of the North published in hardback in 2013 and recently in paperback. Available from all good booksellers!

HPIM4394 (2)We also took a stall at the Northumberland Local History Fair at Woodhorn Museum and Archives on Sunday 26th October to promote ANLHS and to give our smaller member societies/groups some space to promote their societies and/or sell their publications. Blyth LHS and Felton & Swarland LHS availed themselves of the opportunity.

The general theme of the fair was WW1 and there were a number of groups present who are commemorating some of the events of the 1914-18 period in various ways.  One group, TYneside Comm pubthe ‘Tyneside WW1 Commemoration Project’ (already well known to ANLHS members who attended our Spring 2013 Members’ Meeting and heard Alan Fidler talking about the project), was also selling its recent publication The Response: The North East and The Great War 1914-1918 - an excellent book  based on the results of its research and only £5! There is more information about the book and the project on www.tynemouthworldwarone.org.



What historical event would you like to commemorate or celebrate in 2015?

Having been almost overdosed by WW1 in 2014 we could perhaps turn our attention to commemorating the anniversary of a number of battles in 2015 such as Agincourt (1415) and Waterloo (1815). However, next year also marks the centenary of a more peaceful event – the birth of the Women’s Institute. Are any Local History Societies planning any joint work with their local WI to celebrate this milestone? If so we would like to hear about it. Email us on mail@anlhs.org.uk.

2015 also marks some other anniversaries – not least Magna Carta (1215). More locally George Stephenson presented his miner’s safety light to the Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle in December 1815, a month after Davy presented his paper to a meeting of the Royal Society in Newcastle, but two months after Stephenson started trials of his lamp! The debate about who invented the miners’ safety lamp will therefore be 200 years old.

We will also have a General Election next year which could potentially, given their recent fortunes, eliminate the Liberal Democrats from Westminster; 100 years after the end of the last wholly Liberal Government.

Food for thought!